Life Assurance - It´s easy to think you´ve got everything covered!
Life Assurance from mortgageforce™ - is your family protected against the unknown? Think for just a moment.. how would your family or partner pay the mortgage if you died prematurely? It´s true to say that life has its ups and downs, and you and your family could lose your home if you are unable to keep up the monthly payments. None of us know what lies around the corner: illness, redundancy, even death. So it´s essential to have sufficient reliable cover in place for you and your family to help minimise financial disruption.
mortgageforce™ can offer you comprehensive and competitive cover so that you can be sure you´re always adequately protected.
How Much Could You Borrow?

This calculator will give you an estimate of the typical amount that you could borrow based on your income(s).

Your annual salary£
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You could borrow£

Monthly Repayment Calculator

This calculator will give you an estimate of the typical monthly payments for a repayment or interest only loan. It excludes any mortgage related fees which may be included in your loan.

Total mortgage amount£
Interest rate£%
Mortgage term (years)£
Typical Monthly Repayments
Interest only£
Repayment mortgage£

The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Use the "Locate your nearest consultant" form to ask for a personalised "Key Facts Illustration" to help you make a decision.

Why Use mortgageforce™?

Combining our professional experience with leading technology enables us to seek out the mortgage and insurance policies that meet your needs. We're not tied to anyone so we can search and offer you advice from the whole of the mortgage market.

We are proud of the service we offer and this is recognised by the numerous awards we've won for the service we provide

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